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Cities listed in alphabetic order.

Several references are made to the physical geography of Pernambuco. Read this page about the Geography of Pernambuco to better understand the pages below.

»Abreu e Lima Within the Metropolitan Region of Recife.
»Afogados da Ingazeira City between the "Agreste" and the "Sertão".
»Araripina One of the largest producer of gypsum of Brazil.
»Belo Jardim Famous by the handcrafts.
»Bezerros Homeland of the papangus.
»Brejo da Madre de Deus Self-claimed as the largest open air stage in the world. Every year, during the Holy Week, a play about Jesus's Passion is performed here
»Cabo de Santo Agostinho Near Recife. City where is located the Porto de Suape, the busiest of Pernambuco.
»Camaragibe City within the metropolitan region of Recife.
»Caruaru Capital of forró. The largest city in the Agreste of Pernambuco
»Fernando de Noronha The island is an administrative region, subordinated to the government of Pernambuco.
»Garanhuns President Lula was born here.
»Goiana City with a rich historical heritage, near the Paraíba border.
»Gravatá Mild climate, near the capital.
»Igaraçu One of the oldest cities in Brazil.
»Ipojuca The municipal district of the beach of Porto de Galinhas.
»Itamaracá The city was built in the famous Ilha de Itamaracá (Island of Itamaracá).
»Jaboatão dos Guararapes The second largest city in the State of Pernambuco.
»Moreno Metropolitan Region of Recife.
»Olinda History, culture and carnival.

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