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The coast of Pernambuco is 187 km long.

The Boa Viagem beach, in Recife, is probably the best known urban beach in Brazil, theme of songs and movies; beaches of PernambucoBoa Viagem combines warm water and fine sand with the infra-structure of a modern metropolis prepared to welcome tourists.

Recife is located at roughly the middle of the Pernambuco coast; so, the beaches of Pernambuco may be divided in the northern coast (from Recife to the border with Paraíba) and southern coast (from Recife to the border with Alagoas).

All the beaches in Pernambuco are at a short driving distance from Recife; tourists can be based in the capital and take daily tours to the beaches.
São José da Coroa Grande, the beach farthest to the south, is less than two hours away; Carne de Vaca, near the border with Paraíba, is a bit more than one hour away.
Pick your beach and have fun.

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