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«Restaurants in Recife

I moved to Recife in 1998; by then, there were no more than four Japanese restaurants in Recife (one is Quina do Futuro, the other three are closed down now).

Since then, there has been an explosion in the number of Japanese restaurants in Recife; today, sushis can be found in many small self-service restaurants.

This means: Japanese restaurants in Recife are not nearly as well established as in the bigger cities of Brazil; people in Recife can't recognize good sushi.

As a result, most Japanese restaurants don't have a well prepared sushiman, and the quality of most sushi are not remotely comparable to the high standards found in top Japanese restaurants around the World.

The most commonly found fish is salmon; nobler fishes, like tuna, mackerel and seabass are rarer.
Many (most) sushis take cream cheese. There are several "tropical" sushis, like strawberry, mango; fried sushis are also common.

Best Japanese restaurant in Recife: Quina do Futuro.
Rua Xavier Marques, 134 - Aflitos. This restaurant is distant from the beaches of Boa Viagem; you will need to take a taxi to get there.
Quina has been appointed best Japanese in Recife for several years in a row.
The founder is Japanese.
Very expensive.

»Sushi Yoshi.
Rua Padre Luiz Marques Teixeira, 155 - Boa Viagem.
The sushiman is Japanese.
As far as I know, Quina do Futuro and Sushi Yoshi are the only restaurants with Japanese sushimen.

Rua Ondina, 141 - Pina.
The menu lists good traditional sushi, along with "inovations".

There are more than one hundred places selling Japanese food in Recife. None is remarkably good. Check a list.

Notice also that all the large steakhouses now have a buffet with basic Japanese food (salmon sushis, sunomono, cream cheese and fruits sushis).

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