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Churrasco is the barbecue prepared the gaucho way; gaucho is the designation of the cowmen of the southern Brazilian States and the Argentina and Uruguay lowlands. The gauchos used to stay days and weeks away from home; to prepare the churrasco, they used charcoal piled on rustic ovens made with stones. The tradition spread all around the country, with adaptations to improve the quality of the food and the comfort of guests.
One important point remained, though: most of the meat used in churrascarias is brought from Rio Grande do Sul or Argentina, which is certainly among the best in the world.
Most houses work in a "eat as much as you can" system (the Portuguese is rodizio). There is a buffet in the middle of the saloon with salads, vegetables and pre-made dishes (the buffet alone is very good); the waiters go about the tables carrying big skews with large pieces of meat, offering them to the guests; just signify your intention, and the waiter will slice some pieces on your plate.
Because competition is fierce, there are occasional promotions (discounts for couples, free transportation, etc); ask around. Also, notice that prices for dinner are usually a bit lower than for lunch.

If you enjoy meat and barbecue, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Update 2013: The main steakhouses in Recife are:

»Spettus Boa Viagem.
spettus, recife Avenida Domingos Ferreira, 1500 - Boa Viagem.
Centrally located, a short taxi ride from any hotel in Boa Viagem.
Spettus is the best steakhouse in Recife, and the most expensive. It is the only which can compare to the best houses in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Besides serving only top meat cuts, Spettus offer a distinguished buffet (lobster, oysters, caviar), a well trained staff, an spacious ambience.
Prices are in the US$ 40 per person, which is about double the other good steakhouses in Recife.
Top executives, politicians, TV stars visiting Recife usually have meetings at Skillus.

The restaurants below are at about the same level.

Boi e Brasa. The name means "Ox and Ember".
Avenida Boa Viagem, 97 - Boa Viagem.
This was formerly known as "Boi Preto".
It is the only one located by the sea.
It is within walking distance from a few hotels (it is next door to Recife Praia Hotel).

Ponteio Recife.
Avenida Visconde de Jequitinhonha, 138 - Boa Viagem.
Warning: if you walk from your hotel to this restaurant, you will pass very near a sewage canal, which might spoil your meal.
Note: near Ponteio, you have the options to try two of the best regional food restaurants in Recife: Parraxaxá (self-service, pay per kilo) and Entre Amigos (recommended by us).

Sal e Brasa.
Avenida Recife, 451 - Imbiribeira. You will need a taxi to get there.
In Recife, Sal e Brasa (Salt and Ember) is just another good option; however, in Fortaleza, Natal and João Pessoa, it is considered THE best steakhouse.

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