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Poster Recife World Cup Recife made justice to their past, and came up with one of the most beautiful, rich and meaningful poster of the World Cup Brazil.

The protagonist of the poster is a frevo dancer playing football (photo below).

frevo, Recife poster

Frevo and the small multi-coloured umbrella are more closely associated to Recife than samba is to Rio de Janeiro; and while samba has spread to other cities, the real frevo is danced only in Pernambuco. In 2012, Unesco inscribed frevo in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Don't be fooled by the static images; take a look at some videos to see how dynamic a frevo performance can become.

The background of the poster makes reference to the churches, bridges and buildings in Recife, some of them dating back to four centuries ago.
The colorful smoking wave is a reference to the rich works of artists of all natures (music, painting, sculpture, poetry) who have lived in Recife and Olinda.

All this rich Historic and cultural background leads up to the ball, which will be the center of the World Cup 2014.

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