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«Restaurants in Recife

Italian food can be easily found in Recife. Most of the omni-present self-service restaurants offer spaghetti, gnochi or lasagna.

The restaurants below are especialized in Italian food. Supposedly, you should expect more variety and better quality.

Notice: if you are coming to attend the World Cup and are going to visit bigger cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Curitiba, then Recife is not the best place to taste Italian food.

Best Italian restaurant in Recife: Buongustaio.

Barbarico Bongiovani.
Avenida Domingos Ferreira, 2655.

Inside the Shopping Center Recife - hence, usually busy. Expensive.

Pomodoro Cafe.
Rua Capitao Rabelinho, 418 - Pina.

Pizzas: again, if you visit Southern cities in Brazil, taste pizza there, and not in Recife.

»Tomaselli is usually appointed as the best pizzeria in Recife.
We visited the place and ate the pizza, and there's not much to talk about (either good or bad).

If you have a crave for pizza, a good option is the rodizio (buffet, eat as much as you can for a low flat price).
The best known rodizios (dinner only) are Macunaima and Skillus (inside shopping Recife).

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