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The hotels below are not located by the sea; for a list of hotels with a clear sea view, click here.
Most hotels are located at a walking distance from the sea. Several of them are located at either Rua dos Navegantes (50 meters distant from the beach) or Conselheiro Aguiar (100 meters from the beach).

NOTICE: Recife is experiencing a fast pace growth in the number of visitors, both Brazilian and international. The number of new hotels in Recife grows slower than demand. Book your hotel in Recife early.

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Best Western Manibu Recife
Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, 919 - Boa Viagem

Canarius Palace Hotel
Rua dos Navegantes, 435 - Boa Viagem.
Notice that there are two hotels, one in Recife and one in the beach of Gaibu.

Hotel Coral
Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, 4000 - Boa Viagem

Hotel Fator
Rua dos Navegantes, 157 - Boa Viagem
This hotel offers flats, instead of rooms. Each flat has a bedroom and a lounge with a small American kitchen. Many of the rooms have sea view.

Holiday Inn
Avenida Domingos Ferreira, 3067 - Boa Viagem

Imperial Suites
Rua Antonio Lumack do Monte, 203 - Boa Viagem
This is a little further from the beach (about 500 meters), but is closer to the Shopping Center Recife.

Mar Hotel
Rua Barao de Souza Leao, 451 - Boa Viagem
A high standard hotel. Possibly, the hotel which offers most services to guests.

Marolinda Inn
Rua Barao de Souza Leao, 400 - Boa Viagem
Despite the name, this hotel is in Recife, not Olinda. Close to the airport (1,5 km) and to the beach (about 500 m).

Park Hotel
Rua dos Navegantes, 9 - Boa Viagem
Overlooks Boa Viagem square. Most rooms with a view to the sea.

Recife Monte Hotel
Rua dos Navegantes, 363 - Boa Viagem

Navegantes Praia Hotel

Recife Flat

Onda Mar

Hotel Aconchego

Hotel Coqueiral

Aquamar Hotel

Bianca Praia Hotel

Pousada Casuarinas

Nacional Inn

Hotel Pousada da Praia

Hotels outside Boa Viagem Area

Parthenon Metropolis

Pousada Boa Vista