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Hotels in Boa Viagem are separated from the beach by an avenue. Some hotels in Piedade are right on the sand beach. Visit the websites for prices and reservation.

NOTICE: Recife is experiencing a fast pace growth in the number of visitors, both Brazilian and international. The number of new hotels in Recife grows slower than demand. Book your hotel in Recife early.

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Hotels in Recife

Atlante Plaza
Av. Boa Viagem, 5426 - Boa Viagem
One of the newest hotels in Recife. Often used for business conventions. In the southern end of Boa Viagem avenue, away from the busier points of the beach.

Hotel Boa Viagem
Av. Boa Viagem, 5000 - Boa Viagem
Update June 2006: this hotel was closed down, and will be demolished by the end of 2006.
One of the oldest buildings in Boa Viagem. Furniture is old. Breakfast is included, but very bad. Possibly, the cheapest option to stay by the sea in Recife.

Recife Palace Lucsim
Av. Boa Viagem, 4070 - Boa Viagem
A truly high standard hotel, in the best point of Boa Viagem.

International Palace Lucsim
Av. Boa Viagem, 3722 - Boa Viagem
Close to the best points of Boa Viagem beach. This hotel is one favorite amongst Brazilian celebrities staying in Recife.

Marante Plaza Hotel
Av. Boa Viagem, 1070 - Boa Viagem

Beach Class Suites Recife
Av. Boa Viagem, 1906 - Boa Viagem

Vila Rica Hotel

Hotels in Jaboatão dos Guararapes

Blue Tree Piedade

Hotel Dorisol

Novotel Chaves Recife
Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 694 - Piedade
The hotel doesn't have a website.
Affiliate of international chain Novotel.

Golden Beach
Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 1204 - Piedade
The hotel doesn't have a website.
Offering flats.

Hotel Barramares