RECIFE , Pernambuco , Brazil

State highways in Pernambuco

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road conditions Information about State roads are provided by DER - Pernambuco (Department of Roads of Pernambuco), in Portuguese only.

The next link leads to a list of all State highways of Pernambuco; just click on the name of highway and then "Consultar". The response page shows all the cities on the way of the highway, and other relevant info (e.g., when there is a crossing with another road). There is no information about the conditions of the highway.

Distance between cities in Pernambuco Select the city of origin, then the city of destination, then press "Pesquisar". The system will respond with the distance between the cities, and the name of the highway which connects them (if any).

Prices of tickets between cities in Pernambuco Choose the city of origin, click "Destino", choose the destination, then click "Pesquisar". The system will return all companies operating between those cities, along with the price of the ticket.