RECIFE , Pernambuco , Brazil

Shopping Centers


Recife has several shopping centers, which concentrate not only shops but also leisure and food options.

Shopping Recife The biggest shopping in Recife, and one of the biggest in Brazil. A cinema multiplex and the only bowling house in Recife. Right in the middle of Boa Viagem.

Tacaruna In Recife, close to Olinda.

Shopping Guararapes In Jaboatão, but close to Recife.

Plaza Shopping
It's the smallest of the four major shopping centers in Recife. In the middle of one of the richest neighbourhoods of the city, this place is the most frequented by the upper class of the Recife.


There are several small shops selling artcraft scattered all around the city (including the shopping centers). However, some places concentrate a large number of artcraft traders, where tourists can find more diversity and better prices (bargaining is always necessary). Avoid the shops in the airport, where prices are at least the double as in other places.

Casa da Cultura (The Culture House).
Rua Floriano Peixoto, s/n. Santo Antonio. Phone: 3224-2850
This used to be a prison, a few centuries ago. Now, each cell was turned into a small shop, most offering lace work. There is a stage outside, where some groups (capoeira, frevo, etc) perform occasionally.

Feira do Terminal de Boa Viagem (Artcraft Fair of Boa Viagem Square)
Praca de Boa Viagem. Phone 3424-6395
At the south end of Avenida Boa Viagem. About 50 small stands which offer every kind of artcraft (sculptures in clay are particularly good and cheap). Also, several stands offering fast food (if looking for regional food, try acaraje or tapioca).

Domingo na Rua
Rua do Bom Jesus. Recife Antigo. Phone 3424-8411
On Sundays only, several stands offering artcraft and antiquities.