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Not surprisingly, Recife is rich in fish and seafood options.
Fish is found everywhere; quality (and prices) vary.
If you like oysters, the beach is a good option. Men and women carry buckets around full with ice and oysters (the earlier you see them, the fresher the oysters will be). Prices are subject to bargain and depend on the sizes of the oysters, but the usual is between 3 (big) and 6 (small) oysters per R$1. The oysters are opened right before you (make sure that hands are clean), then topped with a drop of olive oil, a grain of salt, a grain of pepper and another drop of lemmon; the oyster is handed over to you, and the time you take to slurp it down your throat is about time for another oyster to be ready.
Still in the beach, people sell fried fish, fried shrimp and cooked crabs; I would avoid it.
If you like crabs, there are a few good restaurants offering it; along comes a small wooden hammer, that you use to crack the crabs; it's easy - and pleasant -to spend the whole afternoon with a few crabs and a few bottles of beer.
In Recife, guaiamuns are more common than crabs; the main difference between them is that guaiamuns can be fed to grow, while crabs must be prepared the size they are caught. Most guaiamun restaurants have a small pool where the guaiamuns are kept alive; you can even choose the one you want to be cooked (prices vary according to the size).
Below, a selection of some restaurants.

Best fish and seafood restaurant: Bargaço.

Rua Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcanti, 254 - Parnamirim
Focus is on shrimps, but there are some excellent dishes with seafood. Most dishes come with local ingredients, I haven't seen any dish less than very good. Each plate is individual, portions are generous, price is very fair, service is fast.
There are a few Donatarios around the city (the address above is the main restaurant); there are also some fast food Donatarios in the shoppings, but the quality here is not up to the main restaurant..

Maré Cheia
Avenida Beira Mar, 1330 - Phone 3341-1049
Specialty is moqueca.

Avenida Herculano Bandeira, 77 - Phone 3465-4742
Sea food.

Mansão do Guaiamun
Rua Solidonio Leite, 222 - Phone 3466-4670

Casa de Banhos
Address: see below. Phone 3075-8776
A tide breaker, a few kilometers long and a few meters wide, was built to protect the Recife pier (the same tide breaker where the Sculptures Park was installed); this restaurant was built about 1 km into the tide breaker. Access can be by car (driving along the structure) or by boat.
Nice view of Recife (particularly at night).