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Best Japanese restaurant in Recife: Quina do Futuro.

Rua do Espinheiro, 357 - Espinheiro - Phone 3241-9163 - Espinheiro
All you can eat for a low fixed price (around R$15). One of the best bargains in the city.

Shopping Center Recife - Phone 3464-6426
Good restaurant.

Shopping Center Recife - Phone 3464-6500
Japanese fast food; sushis and sashimis are already prepared and kept on ice.

Ilha Sushi
Rua Maria Carolina, 80 - Phone 3466-2122
Next door to this restaurant, sharing the same tables, there are others offering other cuisines (picanha, fish, barbecue, etc). Good if your group can't decide on what to eat.

Rua Manoel de Brito, 44 - Phone 3326-8728
This was the first Japanese restaurant in Recife. Run by a Japanese family, with a Japanese sushi man. Typical Japanese decoration.
Futaba is offering all you can eat for a fixed price (around R$ 15 per person) for dinner. However, each portion must be ordered separately; better to go to Tokyo (see above), where sushis and sashimis are already prepared.

Rua Barao de Sousa Leao, 451 - Phone 3462-4444
One of the restaurants of Mar Hotel. Expensive. Only for those on expense reports.

Avenida Domingos Ferreira, 4060 - Phone 3467-0126