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Being smaller, Olinda has fewer hotels than Recife. Notice that the list below brings more "pousadas" (inns) than hotels.
Most pousadas used to be big houses which were adapted to become hotels; most are operated by the owners, and services are more personalized.
Notice that Olinda has many hills, and some are steep. If you stay in hotels in the Historic city, be prepared to a lot of climbing (and enjoy some of the nicest views in Recife).
The beaches of Olinda are frequented mostly by locals. The bars along the beach, also with predominance of locals, are as animated as those in Recife.
Prices in Olinda tend to be higher than in Recife, for comparable standards (tighter restrictions apply to opening new establishments). During the carnival, prices fetch astronomic values; owners usually move out temporarily and rent their houses during the carnival days.

Albergue de Olinda
Rua do Sol, 233
Offers private and communitary rooms.

Costeiro Olinda Hotel
Avenida Ministro Marcos Freire, 681

Hotel 7 Colinas
Ladeira de Sao Francisco, 307
One of the larger hotels in Olinda; includes a large garden, sauna, swimming pool. The name means Hotel 7 Hills.

Hotel Pousada Peter
Rua do Amparo, 215

Pousada Sao Francisco
Rua do Sol, 127

Pousada do Amparo
Rua do Amparo, 191

Pousada Milagres
Rua Manoel Borba, 235
This pousada is a little away from the Historical center.

Onda Brasil. Small hotel located in Pau Amarelo, managed by a German - Brazilian couple.

Pousada dos Arcos.

Pousada 4 Cantos.