RECIFE , Pernambuco , Brazil

Recife Nightlife


Many (most) places listed below do not open every night. Check out before going.

Downtown Pub
One of the most popular places among the youngsters. International and Brazilian rock music. Always crowded, usually with a waiting queue outside.
R. Vigário Tenório, 105, Bairro do Recife - Phone: 3424 6317

Budega Club
A large restaurant which offers live music shows. Diversified rythms: Brazilian music, jazz, blues, music from the 70s.
Av. Conselheiro Rosa e Silva, 1834. Phone: 3267 7777

Andador Dancing Bar
Disco, dancing floor, dry-ice smoke. Music from 70s, 80s and 90s.
Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo,1215,Piedade. Phone: 3361 1443

Catedral da Seresta
"Seresta" is the Portuguese word for serenate. So, expect older romantic music, and middle aged patrons.
Rua Real da Torre, 1435 Phone: 3228 0567

Hype parties. Inspired in similar houses from London.
Travessa do Tuyuty, 39, Bairro do Recife Phone: 3424 1170

Depois Dancing Bar
An old building from Recife Antigo was restored and turned into a bar with live music and dancing floor. Average age of the public is over 30.
Av. Rio Branco, 66, Recife Antigo - Phone: 3424 7451

Metropole World Dance
Focused on GLS public. It used to be called Doktor Froid (name by which many taxi drivers still know it). Three floors, electronic music.
Rua das Ninfas, 125 Boa Vista Phone: 3423 0123

Opened from Wednesday through Sunday nights, with a different kind of music each night: forro, Mexican music, Brazilian music.
Rua Real da Torre,849 - Torre Phone: 3301 1665

Specialized in forro.
Rua Gregório Junior, 264, Cordeiro - Phone: 3228 7052