RECIFE , Pernambuco , Brazil

Cinemas in Recife

Multiplex Shopping Center Recife
Ten modern theatres, in the superior floor of Recife Shopping Center
The webpage has been off-line for some time now.

Multiplex Tacaruna
Seven theatres, inside the Tacaruna Shopping

Art Guararapes
Recently re-built. Ten theatres, the most modern in the Recife area (actually, the shopping is located in Jaboatão dos Guararapes).

Cine São Luiz
Rua Aurora, 157 - Boa Vista. Phone 3207-3000
The last of many cinemas which once existed in downtown Recife. Two big, old fashioned theatres. Movies going on here are the same ones as in the multiplexes, with a cheaper ticket price.

Cinema do Parque
Rua do Hospicio, 81 - Phone 3423-6044
This is actually a theater (large stage) with a screen where movies are exhibited. Several alternative festivals happen here.