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Churrasco is the barbecue prepared the gaucho way; gaucho is the designation of the cowmen of the southern Brazilian States and the Argentina and Uruguay lowlands. The gauchos used to stay days and weeks away from home; to prepare the churrasco, they used charcoal piled on rustic ovens made with stones. The tradition spread all around the country, with adaptations to improve the quality of the food and the comfort of guests.
One important point remained, though: most of the meat used in churrascarias is brought from Rio Grande do Sul or Argentina, which is certainly among the best in the world.
Most houses work in a "eat as much as you can" system (the Portuguese is rodizio). There is a buffet in the middle of the saloon with salads, vegetables and pre-made dishes (the buffet alone is very good); the waiters go about the tables carrying big skews with large pieces of meat, offering them to the guests; just signify your intention, and the waiter will slice some pieces on your plate.
Because competition is fierce, there are occasional promotions (discounts for couples, free transportation, etc); ask around. Also, notice that prices for dinner are usually a bit lower than for lunch.

If you enjoy meat and barbecue, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Best churrasco in Recife: Porcão.

Boi Preto
Avenida Boa Viagem, 97 - Phone 3466-6334
High standard churrascaria. Their buffet is particularly good (usually including lobster, caviar and other speciaries). Nice decoration, good service.

Ponteio Grill
Avenida Boa Viagem, 4842 - Phone 3326-2386
Good place. Good variety, reasonable service. Close to the beach, has a very nice view.

Skillus Steak House
Shopping Center Recife - Phone 3464-6287
This restaurant works in a "per kilo" system; notice that they use a huge plate, to induce to more consumption. The variety of churrasco is good, but far from the other top houses; however, there is an excellent self-service buffet. The main advantage is the convenience of the location.

Avenida Agamenon Magalhaes, 739 - Phone 3423-4122
This restaurant is closer to the central Recife and Olinda, further from Boa Viagem.

O Laçador
Rua Visconde de Jequitinhonha, 138 - Phone 3465-8500

Picanha do Tio Dadá
Avenida Bernardo Vieira de Mello, 1188 - Piedade - Phone 3462-2020
This restaurant doesn't work with buffets, plates are ordered separately. The place is known all around Recife (there is a branch in Porto de Galinhas), the specialty is picanha, the noblest cut of beef.