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Sympathies - rituals to attract a mate

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sympathies Saint Anthony is considered the "matchmaker Saint". According to popular belief, St. Anthony has the powers to help lonely hearts find a match. But, to obtain the help of the Saint, one must perform what Brazilians call a "simpatia".

"Simpatia" (Sympathy) is a ritual way to forge hidden powers in order to satisfy needs. Simpathy comprises a series of acts and words previously stablished, spoken by anyone who must repeat them just as they are, except for the names of people – patients - involved. Such ritual is preventive and healing. In a certain way, Sympathy is the art of producing facts which go beyond the natural laws. From the Sympathy Magic the intention is to maintain power over people or objects. This is possible by using an object belonging to the person to whom the sympathy is driven, like clothes, personal items and even the marks of a bite on a piece of bread, among others.


Introduce a virgin knife on a banana tree. Then, look at your house without looking backwards. On the following day, on the knife will appear the initials of your future fiancé or fiancée. If there´s nothing on the knife, be patient and relax: you will not get married.

Put water in a basin or a pot and stare at its bottom while you pray. The image of your future husband/wife should be formed. If no image appear, that is a signal you will die in that same year. You can also use a well for such sympathy.

Source: Website of the city of Recife.